Day Two is over!

We have arrived in Edson, Alberta! It was a shorter day than yesterday so we had time to enjoy a delicious dinner at a local Thai restaurant, get a few groceries and even go for a swim in the hotel pool. We stayed in this hotel on our way home from Victoria in June and really enjoyed our stay. I especially like the hot, made to order breakfast in the morning at the hotel restaurant. Yummy!

Today’s drive was about as exciting as yesterday, more prairies! As we got closer to Edson, though, the hills started to appear along with lots of trees. I did notice, as we were driving along the highway, the trees along the side of the road pictured here:


I then remembered a photo I took on the island of a road through the trees:


There is quite the height difference!

Jaxon was a bit restless in the morning but by noon he had relaxed and spend the rest of the drive perched here either sleeping or staring contently out the window.


Tomorrow will be much more exciting as we will be making our way through the majestic mountains in Jasper National Park and down Highway 5 to Merritt, BC.


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