Be Thankful

Thanksgiving Dinner

October truly is a month for us to give thanks even more this year!  We’ve had a month packed full of good things.  First of all, we decided that the church we have been attending is definitely one that God would have us be apart of.  It is “Calvary Chapel Victoria”.  This is a part of the same church that we attended in Las Vegas, and the same church that we were married in.  They have an amazing teaching style where they go through each book of the bible, chapter by chapter.  This is great because then you never miss anything!  The pastor at this church is definitely gifted in teaching!  We have been enjoying the messages and just recently been connecting more with fellowship.  We are so thankful!
Secondly, we were without family for the first time this year for Thanksgiving so I attempted our own version of the “Turkey Dinner”.  I bought some turkey pieces and actually baked them successfully 🙂  Pictured above was our completed dinner, including beans, sweet potatoes and stuffing.  It was delicious!
Lastly, I got a job this week.  Hooray!  It was the one I’d been hoping and praying to get since before we moved and they finally made their decision to choose me!  It’s doing the same type of work I was doing before we left, just at a different company.  Kelly has still been looking for work but has had some good interviews this week so hopefully he will get something soon!
We have really been enjoying life on the island this past month and a half and cannot wait to see what God is going to do with us here in the future.  

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