Fall on the Island

The big thing I noticed this year experiencing the fall season on the West Coast was how long it is. It’s currently the middle of November and there is STILL leaves on the trees and some of them have still not changed colour! What a beautiful season it has been so far. Here are just a few highlights.

20121117-231623.jpg Little Qualicum River

20121117-233220.jpg Salmon Run at Goldstream River

20121117-233343.jpg Goldstream River

20121117-233452.jpg Goldstream Park

20121117-233600.jpg Finlayson Arm

20121117-233742.jpg Goldstream Park

20121117-233838.jpg Little Niagara Falls

20121117-233931.jpg Gorge Waterway

20121117-234010.jpg Beacon Hill Park

20121117-234100.jpg Beacon Hill Park

20121117-234134.jpg Beacon Hill Park

20121117-234224.jpg Beacon Hill Park

20121117-234353.jpg Beacon Hill Park

20121117-234514.jpg holly berries 🙂


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