Playfair Park – Victoria, BC

I realized this week that it’s been 2 months since I did a blog post!  I’m going to continue with the theme of my last post and “show off” all the amazing and beautiful flowers that we have been enjoying.  A good friend told me of a park I needed to check out so that’s just what we did today.  I’m also learning how little I know about flowers – especially their names!  Well, that’s all about to change!

Playfair park is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a residential community in Victoria.  As we pulled up it didn’t look like much but as we kept walking… wow!  There is this maze of trails that goes through a wooded area which is full of flowering trees and bushes!  I’ll post a few here but to see the rest  you can click here.

IMG_4474This is one of the pathways that we walked down.  It was like the bushes and trees created this canopy to walk under.

IMG_1819 - Version 2There were also these huge camas lilies along the ground.  The largest that I’d seen yet.

IMG_1829 - Version 2And so many of these rhododendrons!  This is a flower that I know but I can never pronounce correctly!

IMG_1856 - Version 2Another flower that I don’t know the name of but oh so beautiful! (And I can total make one of these out of paper!)

IMG_1882 - Version 2These is what the wooded area looked like from the outside.  Can you say “WOW”?  I know I did! over and over…

To see the rest of the photos from today you can click here.  Enjoy! (I know I did!!)



2 thoughts on “Playfair Park – Victoria, BC

  1. I LOVE that you got to explore Playfair park in the Spring, everyone should! We’ll be taking our Mother’s Day photos there tomorrow with my mom & Grandma! 🙂

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