Day Three: Fort Bragg, CA

Today started off great with some fantastic coastal views again:


We then left Oregon for the great state of California and drove through LOTS of redwoods!

It was a beautiful drive at first but then after all the twists and turns, making me nauseous, it got a bit tiring after awhile. Even Kelly started yawning and was taking about taking a nap. We then got off the 101 to head to Fort Bragg and Kelly woke up very quickly! I wish we could have stopped for photos but the road got VERY narrow and VERY curvy with very few places to pull over. We were surrounded by trees the whole time but we could tell by the amount of uphill driving that we went over at least two summits. Needless to say, we won’t be driving that road again!

After arriving at Fort Bragg much later than expected, we went to Glass Beach only to be disappointed. This famous beach full of sea glass has three areas. The most accessible one I s pretty much picked clean. The next one is more difficult to get to and we were both too tired to try. The third one is only accessible by kayak. On the positive side, the waves were quite large and exciting to watch!



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